Talk About Cancer

Talk About Cancer

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An oncologist's cancer story
January 01, 2022

Reema shared how her cancer experience might have been similar to and different from someone who is not an oncologist, and how this experience has influenced the way she practices medicine today. Please follow the podcast if these stories are resonating w

On the ride
December 24, 2021

Charles shared how having lost so many family members to cancer shapes how he approaches caregiving for his wife today, and how leaning into art and dark humor has helped him process and cope with it all. Check out some of Charles' recent work: Short

I didn't cause this
December 09, 2021

Nefa-Tari shared the devastating experience of being diagnosed with uterine cancer and ending her marriage soon after, and how she eventually found her way out of that incredibly tough period by advocating for her own needs and leaning on her faith.Check

What is the universe telling me
November 25, 2021

Sagar took us through some in-depth reflections about health, purpose, and the importance of having a creative outlet, which he discovered when his wife started to paint on his head after chemo.Check Sagar and Sheena's collaborations on Instagram @my

Rebuilding life after caregiving
November 17, 2021

Kandis shared how she picked herself back up one step at a time after a tough caregiving experience and how she eventually found positive ways to channel her grief. Some resources Kandis mentioned: Gilda's Club Chicago Ovarian Cancer Research Allianc

The family gets cancer too
November 11, 2021

Melody shared what it was like to deal with cancer during her childhood, the ways that experience has influenced different stages of her life, and the things she continues to uncover as an adult. You can follow Melody on Instagram @lunapeakfoundation, on

Don't have to be superman
November 04, 2021

Akili reflected on the disruptions he faced when his son Kaine was diagnosed with leukemia more than two years ago and the growth he had to go through to survive this “good” bad diagnosis.Please follow the podcast if these stories are resonating with you.

When my vagina broke
October 27, 2021

Anna explained how cancer treatment “broke” her vagina and the challenges with dating when she took sexual intercourse off the table. Her experiences inspired her to create the Entwine dating app to help others like her find companionship with confidence.

Talk about the elephant
October 20, 2021

Lauren shared what it was like to follow her daughter Melissa's lead in having open conversations about end-of-life wishes, which gave Lauren a path forward during grief and led to the founding of 13 Thirty Cancer Connect to support thousands of AYA

Finding post-traumatic growth
October 14, 2021

Fabian took us back to the time when his existential crisis collided with his cancer diagnosis and how he was able to pull through 900 days of chemo with a vision to support other cancer people struggling with mental health.You can download the War On Can