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Meta Reel Jaws
January 27, 2021

Join the Meta Reel crew as we return to a 1975 classic Jaws directed by Steven Spielberg. --- Support this podcast:

Meta Reel Tenet
January 14, 2021

We're back! After surviving  2020 Meta Reel is back with more films and more fun. To begin our grand return is the first film that was released during the pandemic, Christopher Nolan's Tenet.  This film was a brain teaser to put it lightly, but

Meta Reel Episode 1 "Why We Love Film"
May 22, 2019

Yo sick of politics? Let's talk about film. Meta Reel is a film podcast that aims to understand the themes and technical side of various films and to start and keep the conversation going. Join, Me, Corn from PopwCorn and Mat from A Liberty Podcast as we