Ghosttracks RaceTalk

Ghosttracks RaceTalk

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July 13. 2023/Bill Blair talks with Mickey York.
July 13, 2023

Mickey was a driver in the Goody's Dash Series and was 1992 Nathional Champion. Super nice guy.

June 29, 2023/Bill Bair, Jr. talks with Frank Scott, son of Wendell Scott
June 29, 2023

Racing through the eyes of someone who really worked hard for the success achieved. Wendell Scott's son Frank.

June 22, 2023/Terry Anderson guests on tonight's show
June 22, 2023

Racing history from the eyes of a crewman..

June 15, 2023/Johnny Dolan and Les Barz join host Bill Blair, Jr.
June 15, 2023

Talking some racing history from those who lived it.

June 8, 2023/Bill Blair, Jr. and Tim Leeming talk events
June 08, 2023

A little history and discussion of major events coming up.

June 1, 2023/Bill Blair, Jr. talks with Cliff Champion
June 01, 2023

Talking stock car racing history. The best there is.

May 25, 2023/Memories
May 25, 2023

Honoring the past through the present.

May 18, 2023/Tim Brewer is Bill's guest
May 18, 2023

Will be a great show with Bill and Tim

May 4, 2023/Stoney Ballard is Bill Blair, Jr.'s guest tonight
May 04, 2023

And trip down memory lane with Stoney who was born into racing and has lived it his entire life. Should be awesome.

April 27, 2023/Henry Rumfelt and Tim Leeming talk racing
April 27, 2023

The making of NASCAR, the growth, important marks in the history of the sport.