Activate Your Sparkle with Danielle Gopen

Activate Your Sparkle with Danielle Gopen

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Anne Marie Jasinowski on Breaking Out of the Box: From Inside the SCIF to the Art Studio
May 04, 2021

Anne Marie Jasinowski knows what it takes to shake things up and go after what you want. She is here to show us the power of your personal brand, how to craft an empowering mindset, and the gift of getting comfortable with imperfection. She started her ca

June Zheng on Critically Evaluating Feedback and Finding The Right Environment For You to Thrive In
April 21, 2021

The F word: Feedback. What happens when you're early in your career and you get feedback that is so contrary to who you are and what you want to achieve? June Zheng, VP of International at Thrasio, recounts feedback she was given early on and how it

Dr. Christy Evans, MD on How to Pay Attention to Your Inner Voice Even When It's Sending You In a Different Direction Than You Ever Imagined
April 05, 2021

What happens when you're years into your accounting career and realize that your calling is to be a physician for women's health? That's the story we hear from Dr. Christy Evans, MD, one of Los Angeles' leading OB/GYNs and a true inspi

Introducing Activate Your Sparkle with Danielle Gopen
March 29, 2021

Introducing the Activate Your Sparkle podcast. Here's where you'll embrace the freedom that comes from being yourself and be inspired to have the professional, personal, and emotional life you want by being uniquely YOU.Hosted by Danielle Gopen,