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77: #73: Invisible Divides. An interview with Natalie Williams
May 04, 2023

This week Ian speaks with Natalie Williams. Natalie is the co-author of four books, including A Call to Act (2020) and Invisible Divides (2022). She is passionate about the church being a place of overflowing mercy, especially for those trapped in poverty

76: #72: Spurgeon and the Poor. An interview with Alex Di Prima
April 25, 2023

This week Ian speaks with Alex DiPrima about his latest book Spurgeon and the Poor and they discuss taking the gospel to and training there working class for gospel ministry. Alex is the Senior Pastor of Emmanuel Church in Winston Salem, NC. He holds a P

75: #71: Navigating Cultural Change. An interview with Mofiyinfoluwa Aina
March 29, 2023

Mofiyinfoluwa (Mo) Aina recently moved from Lagos, Nigeria to Middlesbrough, England and shares about how he and his family have navigated the cultural differences in a new country and church. He also shares about the positives and negatives of both the B

74: #70:God is always sovereign and always good. An interview with Dawn Thomson
January 30, 2023

Dawn Thomson is a gospel worker at Spen Valley Church in Cleckheaton and shares about her ministry and life as a church planters wife and a mother in a former mill town in West Yorkshire. You can find out more about Dawn and her church here www.spenvalley

73: #69: Because of your partnership in the gospel: An interview with Charles Patterson
January 23, 2023

In this episode, Ian interviews Charles Patterson from California. He finds out how he first became involved with Medhurst Ministries and why he volunteers to promote our work as a Ministry Ambassador.

72: #68: Challenging the Cultural Status Quo
November 23, 2022

Is it true that although the UK church doesn’t require you to cut off your foreskin or follow the mosaic laws, it does require to cut off your culture and follow the middle-class social norms? This weeks podcast is a recording of a sermon on Acts 15:1-35

71: #67: The Weekender Session 2. Pray With Us
November 16, 2022

SESSION 2 | Pray {Colossians 1:3-14}  This weeks podcast features Graham Thomson preaching at Session 2 of the Medhurst Ministries 2020 Weekender. Graham is the pastor of Spen Valley Church in Cleckheaton and he speaks about how you can support Medhurst M

70: #67: Enjoying God Part 6: Being Thankful
October 28, 2022

Ian Williamson shares about how we find joy in all situations by reminding ourselves of the good things Gods has done for us.

69: #66: Enjoying God Part 5: Obedience
October 28, 2022

Ian Williamson shares about how we can find joy in being obedient to the Word of God.

68: #65: Enjoying God Part 4: His Promises
October 27, 2022

#64: Enjoying God Part 3: Song