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Where is God in the suffering?
June 21, 2023

When we go through hurt we tend to go one of two ways and sometimes, simultaneously going through mental gymnastics. Do you feel like you are going crazy trying to make sense of what you see, what you go through or perhaps what you have gone through? I ge

Hope in the Resurrection
April 11, 2023

Understanding the resurrection and how crucial it is to the Christian belief system is one way to bring hope to a person that has walked away from any belief system. There are plenty of resources out there if we take the time to look again. --- Send i

Regrets and Not Staying Stuck
April 01, 2023

Coming out of a movement or belief system can seem so daunting and at times we just want to focus on the pain, but what if the entire purpose of the ordeal was to get you to a place of understanding and victory? In this episode I share my personal walk an

Being Humble, the Forgotten Art
March 24, 2023

Hello there, how about a heart check today? I was sitting here listening to Tim McGraw and his song, Humble and Kind...just kind of thinking of how pride really steals so much peace and joy from our lives. Here are a few verses dealing with that topic:

Don't lose hope
March 22, 2023

Just a quick word of encouragement to those who may feel overwhelmed after coming out of any spiritual movements that have caused trauma and hurt. --- Send in a voice message:

Spiritual Mother...What Not to Look For
March 21, 2023

Sometimes family can come with challenges and many times we tend to look for people around us to try and fit a specific role we may find lacking there. Can I tell you that there is one thing you should be careful with? That thing is trying to find a spiri

Counterfeit Peace
February 27, 2023

Can I ask you something? Do you find peace to be something difficult to find? Is it something that you look for inside of yourself or do you find it within your environment? Perhaps you are one that manufactures your peace- you know, like creating an atmo

Hope in Troubled Times
February 25, 2023

Confession. I tend to be a type that overanalyzes and many times thinks of the worse case scenario. I didn't always used to be, you see I was I am sure some of you have been. Many towards life in general, but more specific to security and boy

Love in Hurt and Healing
July 27, 2022

When a person has been hurt in life, especially through a situation that was one where they were lied to, there comes a disillusionment towards all. This can turn someone into a very bitter and unforgiving person by asking things like,  but what if I

When Hurts seem to overwhelm your heart
July 25, 2022

Happiness is a serious problem, Dennis Prager (pgs. 78-86) Dennis Prager, Happiness is a Serious Problem, pg. 78There are some clear rules about happiness. One is that you cannot be happy if your primary identity is that  of a victim, even if you rea