THE R&R Cast: Reagan's Rants and Ravings

THE R&R Cast: Reagan's Rants and Ravings

Latest Episodes

10: Bourbon Night with @lbdistillery Yellowstone's Stephen Fante
February 12, 2021

Reagan and Yellowstone Brand Ambassador Stephen Fante talk all things bourbon, Yellowstone Bourbon and new bourbons on the Horizon!

9: Smokes and Jokes Show with Rocky Dale Davis
February 12, 2021

Join Reagan and Comedian Rocky Dale Davis for an episode of Smokes and Jokes!

8: The Tide Rolls again with AJ Spurr
January 21, 2021

Me and AJ Spurr discuss Alabama sports, Tua vs Mac Jones, Alabama Hoops, Draft Stock Watches, and everything in between!

7: The R&R Cast: The Tin Foil Conspiracy Episode
January 14, 2021

Join me and Patrick Simpson, Host of Paranoid Podcast as we dive into some of your favorite conspiracy theories!

6: The Special Playoff Edition
January 08, 2021

LIVE From the Mansion! TONIGHT at 7PM we've got @pastorofpain former New York Giant DE, South Carolina Football Hall of Fame, Founder of Giants for Christ, and he married me and Leslie! We're talking Alabama's OC Search, Alabama defense under Pete Golding

5: R&R Rockin New Years
January 04, 2021

A special R&R New Years Show! We talk New Years Resolutions, Alabama Football, the NFL Draft, and Disney World 

1: Live at the Mansion! We're Back!
December 04, 2020

We're live from the Mansion! Reagan's Rants and Ravings, College Football Playoff, our NEW Location, guests from Tide 100.9 and your favorite Mixologist Devin!