Living Above Average Ministries

Living Above Average Ministries

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8: Start To Finish
January 24, 2023

Starting is easy, finishing is difficult. Have you started your New Years resolutions? Praying you are doing well.  If you have hit a roadblock, then this podcast is for you. If you find yourself at a roadblock, take a listen and be encouraged you can pus

7: How to Live Above Average in 2023
January 10, 2023

Abundant life is actually possible.  You can live above average in 2023.  There are three important components to implement in order to live above average:   1. Take a personal inventory. 2. Have a made-up mind. 3. Take the first step. With Jesus living a

6: Minding Your Own Mind
July 08, 2021

What we think matters.  What we do with our thoughts matter.  Have you ever payed attention to what you are thinking?  This podcast will equip and encourage you to be aware of what thoughts you allow in your mind and how they can effect the way you live. 

5: Living Above Average in the face of Tragedy
February 06, 2021

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4: E3--Empower
February 02, 2021

Sometimes we feel powerless against the winds of life.  There are times we struggle to catch a breath.  All of that can change with the grace of God and His empowerment.  You can do this.  Make today your empowerment day to live life above average.      

January 19, 2021

How do you find encouragement?  Where do you turn to be encouraged?  God's word, others, books, praise music are some of the avenues to find encouragement.  Most importantly being encouraged is a choice.  Dont allow others, your circumstances or yourself

2: E3--Equipped
January 11, 2021

This podcast explains what being equipped by God means and how to walked equipped every day so you can live above average.  

1: LAAM Launch
January 01, 2021

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