Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

Joyce Meyer Ministries TV Podcast

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Unrealistic Expectations - Part 2
September 01, 2021

Feeling discouraged? Today, Joyce shares promises from God's Word that will help you stay hopeful and happy.

Unrealistic Expectations - Part 1
August 31, 2021

Have you gotten upset lately? Tune in for some relatable stories and wisdom from God's Word to help you overcome feelings of disappointment.

Facing Difficult Things
August 30, 2021

Joyce shares some valuable lessons she's learned as a leader in ministry, and teaches how to handle difficult situations in a godly way.

The Invitation
August 27, 2021

If you've been too wounded or afraid to believe that Jesus wants to heal and restore you, tune in now to receive His unconditional love.

Seize the Day
August 26, 2021

What would you do differently if Jesus showed up at your door today? Joyce shares how to live "on purpose, for a purpose" starting today.

Having a Healthy Self-Image
August 25, 2021

True freedom is seeing ourselves the way our heavenly Father sees us. Today, Joyce shows us how special we are in His eyes.

Ways We Waste Our Time - Part 2
August 24, 2021

How can you discover your purpose in life and then enjoy the journey? Joyce shares practical answers from God's Word to help you

Ways We Waste Our Time - Part 1
August 23, 2021

We need God's help and direction in everything we do. Be encouraged to lean on God, rather than trying to get things done your way.

Hasty and Premature Judgments
August 20, 2021

Have you ever been judged unfairly? Today, Joyce shares encouragements from God's Word to help you treat others like you want to be treated yourself.

Thoughts on Joy - Part 1
August 18, 2021

Learn how to enjoy your life to the fullest! Today, Joyce shares how our thoughts and words shape our hopes and expectations.