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90 - Demand-Side Data Insights for Investment Strategies | Ft. Michael Broder from RCKRBX
July 12, 2023

Michael Broder is the founder of RCKRBX, a SAAS platform that's providing voice-of-the-customer (VOC) data to multifamily developers and owners. For years, the multifamily industry has made decisions based on anecdotal evidence, making it difficult to

89 - The Future of Gas Stations and Convenience Stores | Ft. Michael Salafia from STAX Equity
July 05, 2023

Gas stations are evolving beyond their traditional roles. Michael Salafia joins Matt to talk about how the gas stations that STAX Equity builds and operates, like SQRL, are so much more than just a place to fill up. But rather, safe places to eat, grab a

88 - Introducing Airbnb-Friendly Apartments | Ft. Jesse Stein from Airbnb
June 07, 2023

Jesse Stein, Airbnb’s Global Head of Real Estate, joins Matt to talk about the recently-launched and fast-growing Airbnb-Friendly Apartments program. Airbnb-Friendly Apartments allow renters to find apartments that they can list part-time on Airbnb to ear

87 - Connecting Lease Managers with Local Tenants | Ft. Tyler Carlson from Resquared
May 31, 2023

Tyler Carlson is the Co-Founder of Resquared, a local business prospecting platform that uses artificial intelligence to search and contact small business owners in any U.S. or Canada markets. They have data for retail, restaurant, office, medical, and li

86 - Reducing the CRE Carbon Footprint | Ft. Aaron Brondum from Prescriptive Data
May 17, 2023

Aaron Brondum is the Vice President of Customer Success at Prescriptive Data. Prescriptive Data is focused on providing cost savings and enhanced thermal comfort in built spaces through the intersection of Operational Technology (OT) with Information Tech

85 - The Future of Work-Life Balance | Ft. Simon Davis from Purposeful Intent
May 10, 2023

Simon Davis, Founder and CEO of Purposeful Intent, returns to Fully Occupied to talk about the changes in work-life balance in the commercial real estate industry. He and Matt discuss the return to work debate and how to manage the new distributed workfor

84 - The Importance of Transparency When Sharing CRE Data | Ft. Michael Mandel from CompStak
May 03, 2023

As the commercial real estate sector continues to grow more than ever, it's important for professionals to stay ahead of the curve. Whether it’s more efficient prospecting, deal-making, management, or investing, it's become abundantly clear that d

83 - Restaurant Real Estate Strategy | Ft. Kyle Inserra from Zelnik National
April 19, 2023

Kyle Inserra is a 17-year restaurant industry veteran and commercial real estate professional who leverages his experiences to help restaurants develop more efficient operations, implement effective strategies, and establish comprehensive growth plans. He

82 - A Virtual Touring Experience for Property Owners and Managers | Ft. Austin Lo from Peek
April 11, 2023

Austin Lo is the Founder and CEO of Peek, a complete solution for property owners and managers to deliver an immersive self-serve leasing experience that’s available to renters 24/7–online or in-person. The pandemic sped up an already-rapid change in the

81 - The Evolution of CRE Data | Ft. Mike Hart from Avison Young
April 04, 2023

Mike Hart, Chief Information Officer at Avison Young, joins Matt this week to talk about the evolution of commercial real estate (CRE) data and how technology shapes the industry. Mike has seen the industry go from using manual processes to collect and an