Latest Episodes

Episode 12: Superheroes Part 1 (Special Guest, Uncle Brandon)
January 29, 2022

After an extended break, G is back to talk about the thing he currently loves most... Superheroes! With his 5th birthday next week, we felt a revival was in order. G chats with his uncle about superhe

Episode 11: Special PSA- Global Warming
May 06, 2021

After reading about pollution in the ocean, G has been on a mission to save the planet. An enthusiast for "reduce, reuse, recycle", G wanted to share his knowledge about Global Warming and share with

Episode: 10 Animals (Special Guest, Grandma Nina)
March 27, 2021

We made it to 10 episodes!! During this very special episode, G interviews his Grandma. He shares with his listeners a bunch of info about animals and learns a lot of facts along t'he way. And of cour

Episode 9: Underwater Animals (Special Guests, Shosh & Adira)
March 04, 2021

On this episode G shares with his listeners info about his favorite underwater animals. He has two VERY special guests, his "BFF" Shosh and his little sister Adira. Both bring love, laughter and info

Episode 8: Soccer (Special Guest, Uncle Jon)
February 11, 2021

In this week's episode, G and Uncle Jon discuss soccer. Uncle Jon is one of G's most favorite people on the planet, this was a real treat. While this conversation veers off subject a few times, it's f

Episode 7: Vehicles (Special Guest, Sammy)
January 30, 2021

GG and his guest, Sammy, chat their favorite vehicles! Learn about rescue and construction vehicles, silly jokes, cars, and of course Thomas characters.

Episode 6: Trains (Special Guest, Stephen (Daddy))
January 10, 2021

This week G talks trains! He was SUPER excited to do this episode because of his very special guest... his daddy! Stephen, resident train expert, and G discuss types of trains, how they keep tracks cl

Episode 2: Football
November 29, 2020

In Episode 2, GG talks about Football! He discusses the equipment used, his favorite teams (and thier uniforms), sings an original song, talks positions, and gives tips if you want to play football at