The 14-411

The 14-411

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The 14-411 Episode #12
March 14, 2023

In this episode, Shannon, Caitlyn, and Meghan sit down with Mrs. Markham to hear about her Padua story.  

The 14-411 Episode 11
March 10, 2023

On this episode, Shannon, Nadine, and Ava talk about the latest fashion trends. 

The 14-411 Episode #10
November 01, 2022

This month, the PATV talked to Sara Walker, Class of 2009, about her experiences in the Marines and her new job in the Learning Commons. Music from "Chill Wave" by Kevin MacLeod ( License: CC BY (http://creat

The 14-411 Episode #9
May 17, 2021

This month, the PATV leaders talked to Annie Shea (Padua’s Class of 2021 valedictorian) and Mrs. Reams (a school counselor) about their advice on completing the college process. Also, the PATV leaders answer some questions from junior Esosa Ediae.

The 14-411 Episode #8
March 02, 2021

This month, the PATV leaders talked to a few Padua teachers: Mrs. Markham (Social Studies Teacher), Mrs. Smith (Math Teacher), Ms. Bonsall (Athletic Trainer), Ms. Buscarino (Arts Teacher), and Mrs. O’Connell (English Teacher). They talked about female fig

The 14-411 Episode #7
February 15, 2021

This month, the PATV leaders talked to a few Padua teachers: Mr. Lang (Director of College Advisement and School Counseling). Mrs. Alinda (Campus Minister), Mr. Shelton (Science Teacher), and Mrs. Campbell (Science Teacher). They explained their different

The 14-411 Preview
November 04, 2019

This is a preview of our first podcast. This preview introduces our 4 reporters as well as provides snippets of their first segments. The theme for this podcast was Veterans and Military families. We'll be posting the full podcast next week.  Thanks