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Incomplete thoughts on GHOSTING. (basically I ghosted the topic) :P
August 09, 2022

Ramblings on ghosting based on a Filipino lawmaker proposing to criminalize ghosting, warning I don't think I finished the idea at all. So basically I ghosted the idea in the end.  :P This is a test episode for Season 2. 

SEASON BREEEEAKKK: some sort of PSA for PSA (get it?) #ProjectSteadyAsia
August 09, 2022

This is just to say we are reformatting this channel and the newwwwwww format will be coming in a month.  *Sept 2022 Stay right here. 

Notes on Vaccine Hesitancy and otherwise.
August 27, 2021

Recording my notes on a paper on the Mental Health perspective of Vaccine Hesitancy in the PHL context. So I don't forget, that's all. Gang 

Quick Quick Father's Day ep,
June 21, 2021

This is a tough and tender day -- here's a quick episode on yesterday's tricky holiday. Father's Day 2021. 

One Year-ish After! (A mental #CovidSafety episode)
March 21, 2021

March has rolled by again, and the quarantine rules of Manila are reminiscent of last year's regulations. Enduring "The Anniversary Effect" of my Covid-Positive days, here I am again. What was once an Art Therapy (on the move) podcast guide, this is now

The accidental podcast along EDSA.
October 28, 2019

Not sure how this happened but while driving down EDSA, I was able to download Anchor FM - and inching my way to the north (of Metro Manila) I decided to create a mental wellness podcast! Why not. Bec EDSA's BAGAL sometimes makes me ill. Let's try this.