Free Angel Messages

Free Angel Messages

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Diamond Light Stream with Archangel Gabriel
April 09, 2023

This powerful transmission with Archangel Gabriel brings a potent recharge for your entire multidimensional being. Cleanse, reset, and recharge your vitality with life force energy and light to step i

Heart Chakra Meditation for Awakening!
February 02, 2023

Activate And Awaken Your Heart Chakra Relax and allow your heart chakra to open and activate, to support and empower your awakening journey through the power of awakened love within your very own heart. As you listen to this Heart Chakra Meditation for Aw

Ascension Energy Update – “The Event”
October 10, 2022

Learn about the Ascension Event and Energetic Influx of Solar Plasma Light in this channeled message and frequency transmission with the Ascension Council of Light...

Soul Alignment Healing Meditation
September 02, 2022

Soul Alignment is the process of cleansing your energy and activating the key anchor points of your soul in order to align with and embody more of your Soul Truth Now.

5 Minute Healing Meditation with Archangel Raphael!
July 25, 2022

Archangel Raphael connects with healing energy to bless and uplift you in this short 5 minute guided meditation. This short guided angel meditation quickly reconnects you with the force of healing love and the presence of Archangel Raphael, cleansing and

Guided Meditation For Peace ☀️
July 07, 2022

Let's join together in this 20 min guided meditation to call forth Peace, Love and Divine Presence to bless and harmonize the highest Divine Possibilities for All. In this peace meditation, Archangel Michael, Archangel Metatron and Orion will be our lovin

The Secret to Spiritual Transformation Revealed!
April 20, 2022

Spiritual Transformation: Channeled Message from Orion We're living in a powerful time of Spiritual Transformation that for humanity as a whole and individuals across the planet, has long been foretold. I'm excited to share with you a new channeled messag

Activate and Embody Greater Love in Your Life – Free Meditation!
October 12, 2021

Activate the Light of Love Meditation In this guided angel meditation you will activate and step into truly living in alignment with the light of love. Relax and listen as you allow the light of your

Archangel Michael Transmission – Recharge Your Light!
September 05, 2021

Recharge Your Light Simply relax, listen and allow as Archangel Michael steps forward to support you in recharging your light and uncovering your inner brilliance. Ignite the soul wisdom and brillianc

High Vibrational Cleanse With The Violet Flame
May 01, 2021

Give yourself the gift of an instant energy shift! Clear, cleanse and lift your vibration with support from your team of guides and angels in Spirit. Step into the light of the violet flame to cleanse and transmute distorted energies and negativity in you