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Sticks & Stones Podcast

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Sticks & Stones | Back again! | Episode who knows anymore
July 17, 2022

All kinds of things --- Send in a voice message:

Sticks & Stones | Ep. 2.5 | If you went to college
June 11, 2022

They boys are back with an all new episode of sticks & stones Thank you for the support! --- Send in a voice message:

Sticks & Stones | Ep. 2.4 | Is nothing sacred?
June 02, 2022

Continue to listen to the pod? Share it with folks, share it on your time lines, share it. Its the only way this show grows! We hope you enjoy another episode of Sticks & Stones Podcast! --- Send in a voice message:

Ep 2.3 | Sticks & Stones | Perenium Millinium
May 26, 2022

The boys go on an adventure into perenium sunbathing, to sports news and much more on a brand new episode of the Sticks & Stones Podcast! --- Send in a voice message:

Sticks & Stones | Episode 2.2 | Oh no its Dwayne again?
May 21, 2022

The boys go over current event sports talk. Jimbo and Saban are at each others throats. Which is showing how corrupt college athletics really are with the adaptation of the NIL deal within the student athlete world. NBA playoffs, what's hot in tv and muc

Sticks & Stones | Episode 2.1 | We're really back, like for good.
May 14, 2022

Welcome back to the show. Its been a bit, life got in the way and we just want to apologize. It took us a minute, but we caught up. Love Jeremy and Corbin! Give us a big ole like, and subscribe. We're gonna be coming at ya a lot more now that we're capab

What is going on?! | Sticks & Stones | Ep. 34
November 10, 2021

We just can't tell who the hell is good in the NFL anymore. This week  was a debacle for everybody but maybe 2-3 teams, Aaron Rodgers is in the  spotlight again, and the Raiders are a mess.... --- Send in a voice message: https://podcasters.s

November 2 Remember | Ep. 33 | Sticks & Stones
November 02, 2021

The boys dive in if the Browns should be moving on in the next year, trade deadline, the week that was, and much more! --- Send in a voice message:

Breakdowns, Meltdowns & More | Ep. 32 | Sticks & Stones
October 27, 2021

The boys are back and hitting all topics from Dave Chapelle, NFL week 7, to the current events in Ohio and nationally. --- Send in a voice message:

He said whaaaa | Episode 31 | Sticks & Stones
October 12, 2021

The boys go over cancel culture, week 5 in the NFL, and mucho more within the 31st episode of the STICKS & STONES --- Send in a voice message: