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Ae Fond Farewell
April 29, 2021

Ae fond farewell…. It is with a heavy heart that we at AyeRight pass on the sad news of the loss of our great friend and colleague Norrie Stewart, who passed away peacefully at home on Wednesday 28th April. Norrie was a loving husband to Gill, a pro

AYE RIGHT RADIO. What Branch Manager?. video 269 audio 26 S3
January 31, 2021

What Branch Manager?  Jimmy and Stewart review the Sunday TV politics shows, Ridge on SKY, Marr on BBC1 and Politics Scotland presented by Gary Robertson on BBC…Liz Truss, the Irish protocol,  AstraZeneca,  Alister Jack,  Anas Sa

AYE RIGHT RADIO. Colony Scotland or Equal Partner?. video 268 audio 25 S3
January 29, 2021

Colony Scotland or Equal Partner?  Jimmy delivers the Covid briefing report which featured vaccination figures again…supplies,  jag centres,  delivery and a ScotGov row with the UKGov about secrecy…At the podium steady Jeane Freeman delivered steady

AYE RIGHT RADIO. Gove-‘Go to Scotland Boris’. video 267 audio 24 S3
January 28, 2021

Gove-‘Go to Scotland Boris’ A dull FMQs with Sturgeon, Davidson, Baillie and Rennie arguing about vaccine delivery and Covid testing, suddenly came alive when Patrick Harvie asked the FM if she had regrets about transphobia in the Scottish Gov

AYE RIGHT RADIO. Would the SNP Collapse Parliament?. video 266 audio 23 S3
January 27, 2021

Would the SNP Collapse Parliament?  Wee PMQs report… SGov Covid briefing on travel controls/quarantine hotels…Impact on tourism… Prof Curtice on polls…Backlash from England?… We’re the new Irish…Effectively causing a civil war

AYE RIGHT RADIO Son of the Manse. video 265 audio 22 S3
January 26, 2021

Son of the Manse  The news that the German government and the EU is in dispute with AstraZeneca about supplies of the Covid vaccine is our first topic…this issue has legs so expect more on it… We roast the UKGov’s invisible Scottish Secretary for hi

AYE RIGHT RADIO Grounds for Cautious Optimism. Video 264 Audio 21 S3
January 25, 2021

Grounds for Cautious Optimism  Maybe the Covid virus has peaked again in Scotland?…The figures have steadied…The hacks story will be that Scotland lags England in the vaccination race though… The BBC SNPbaad intro show had a London BBC reporte

AYE RIGHT RADIO National Assembly Day. Video 263 Audio 20 S3
January 24, 2021

National Assembly Day  We begin with three BBC shows;… The Andrew Marr show featured UK Health Minister Hancock and Scotland’s FM Sturgeon with Glenn Campbell opining…Then the Politics Scotland show anchored by Andrew Kerr which featured

AYE RIGHT RADIO Legacy Edit – Angus McNeil Outlines Three Roads to Achieve Independence
January 22, 2021

Asking for permission from London is blocked.

AYE RIGHT RADIO £60 Million Is Nothing. Video 262 Audio 19 S3
January 22, 2021

£60 million Is Nothing   BBC Politics;…Lynsey Bews,  Graham Stewart,  70% of infected not self isolating,  £500 Gov support?,  Welsh FM accuses,  lockdown till summer?,  extend travel ban,  keep schools closed,  UKGov in denial,  ‘vaccination a dist