Who Needs A Podcast Anyway

Who Needs A Podcast Anyway

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The Unedited & Unfinished Starring KBellz
September 28, 2022

On this episode we have KBellz in the building to discuss a variety of topics. It goes down in the DM with RN's (Regular Niggas). Emoji's in the DM. Sending nudes. Eating Ass and Sucking Toes. No Fingers in Tha Ass. Warm Vagina VS Cold Vagina. --- Send

September 07, 2022

As we get back together and on TIME finallyyyyy we have in the building Smiley. We discuss love making while music is playing CAP finds it weird. The hardest thing to give up in your life. Common factors that kill relationships? The repeated question of d

Late Once Again DJExpress
August 28, 2022

As Dwight arrives late again me and CAP start out by checking on one another. We ask one another do ladies fuck through multiple relationships with the same under garments. What are some things you consider going too far in a relationship? What is the mos

Where Is DJXpress?
August 11, 2022

As we get back up and running with the podcast game Dwight shows up 30 mins late. CAP fighting in the club and breaks his hand so no more wacking off and 2K for him. We tackle a few things which happened via social media. We talk sports, ladies, P Valley,

April 09, 2022

Kinks with KeKe podcast returns to discuss a wide range or topics including a continuation of her BDSM life and law life. Moving out of NY for a better life. Making more money outside of NY doing paralegal work. Student loan debt in the 6 figures. Living

March 24, 2022

Kinks with KeKe Podcast joins us to discuss her BDSM life / Paralegal career. KeKe discussed early childhood growing up in a small town in NC. This episode we learned a lot about our co-host CAP GREY and how he introduced KeKe to BDSM lifestyle. How he an

No New Thought At This Time - CAP
February 25, 2022

In this episode we have A. Keys back and first time guest Gabby. Gabby and DJ Xpress (Dwight) loves raw sex on the first date

The Zeke & A. Keys Show
February 16, 2022

This episode we have Butch and Alicia as guest where Alicia puts Butch in his place every step of the way. CAP first date expectations / reality shocks Alicia. Dwight aka DJ Express vulnerability opens Alicia up which makes Dwight the logical choice for m

The Fever Edition
December 01, 2021

In this episode Fever storms the building talking new motherhood and adjusting to changes. Are men and Woman equal? Working for the City was most people parent dream job for their kids. Edit Edit Edit, LATE LATE LATE as Usual - (CAP).  --- Send in

Welcome Back Show
November 18, 2021

The all over the place episode. We go into everything with no clear direction. Being away from podding has us anxious and scattered with our thoughts. We discuss fingers in the butt, New York's mandatory vaccines requirement to eat in restaurants within t