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Mt. Rushmore of Jack Black
June 16, 2023

Jack Black has been charming us this point, it's actually been decades, which feels very strange to type. Maybe you find him charming, or maybe you think he can sometimes be a bit much. But t

Mt. Rushmore of Smiles
June 12, 2023

This week we're (mostly) talking about people with million dollar smiles! Smiles that can light up a room! And every other cliche you can think of for a brilliant, winning smile.

Mt. Rushmore of American Rock Bands
June 02, 2023

Things that you can expect the bands are our list to do: - Come to your town - Help you party down And not necessarily in that order! This week we're turning our gaze to the greatest American roc

Mt. Rushmore of Non-Major Sports
May 26, 2023

Fans know all about the BIG sports here in the U.S. - football, basketball, baseball, etc. But there's literally a whole world of incredibly fun sports to watch outside of the standard fare. This week

Mt. Rushmore of Irish Stuff
April 27, 2023

For a country of seven million people, Ireland has had an outsized impact on popular culture. Think about Ireland and there are some things that are going to immediately come to mind. And that's exact

Mt. Rushmore of Amazing Deals
April 20, 2023

Bargain hunters of the world, unite! This week we're discussing some of the best bargains that we've ever seen. We're exploring everywhere from the local supermarket to some unusual stores to find som

Mt. Rushmore of Single Use Kitchen Gadgets
March 10, 2023

This episode slices and dices its way through a very fun topic - single use kitchen gadgets. They are the kitchen tools that don't have a lot of uses, but you're sure glad you have it when you need it

Mt. Rushmore of Comic Book Villains Who Were Reformed...At Least Temporarily (w/ Alex Squiers)
March 02, 2023

The redemption arc is a classic trope of entertainment, but it's especially true when it comes to comic books. Time after time, you see a classic foe turn into a friend because of change of heart or c

Mt. Rushmore of Sporting Memories (w/ Jack Hewson of the Tiger Fonix Podcast)
February 23, 2023

Great sports moments don't just happen in a vacuum. You remember exactly where you were and what you were doing when some amazing play or fantastic finish happens. This week we're taking a stroll down

Mt. Rushmore of Jobs That I Would Be Horrible At Doing
February 16, 2023

One person's dream job is another person's nightmare. Just because you are good at one career path doesn't mean that you could do any job. In fact, there are probably some jobs that, deep down inside,