The EXTRAordinary podcast

The EXTRAordinary podcast

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The War of Resistance with Steven Pressfield
July 26, 2021

Resistance.  Resistance is the War every artist must face.  Resistance is the War we all face.  It is the battle that must be won to achieve success.  Overcoming resistance is what turns the amateur i

Influencing with Jeremy Segal
March 07, 2021

When you can influence the influencers, you know you are doing something right.  And Jeremy is doing a lot of things right.  Learning and sharing the secrets of the top YouTubers and Social Media thou

Those Guys You Hate with Ryan and Tyler Menendez
March 02, 2021

Those Guys You Hate will have you dying of laughter or disgust, and thats the point.  The sibling dynamic is hysterical and their love for each other is evident.  Ryan and Tyler will make you laugh an

Embrace Pain and Avoid Suffering with Brian Bogert
February 21, 2021

Brian Bogert didn’t get to choose his hard.  But a tragic accident altered his life and laid the groundwork for his ultimate purpose. Brian is captivating.  His Bogert’s Bullets on YouTube are a blas

Making Moves with Micah Muzio
February 15, 2021

The path to success is elusive for so many. Understanding what we want to do, finding our purpose, and being happy seems to be this never-ending journey. And most of us are no closer to figuring it

Season 6 Finale - Initial Inspections
February 04, 2021

Season 6 Finale – The 5th Key – Initial Inspections Special Thanks to our sponsor Atlantic Custom Group – (770) 827-7591 Resources for po