The Lolberts. That's OUR word!

The Lolberts. That's OUR word!

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Classical Lolbert Project #001 MITCH
February 21, 2023

Mitch is a YouTuber, Twitter shitposter, Oh. connoisseur, and casual look enjoyer, with a focus on US and UK politics, gender ideology, and conservative grifters. Sadly he is Br*tish. You can check ou

Donald Trump is What You Get When You Order Ross Perot off Wish
August 27, 2022

Jeremy WarPigBurger and Jim Jesus get back together to chat about The Libertarian Pahtay and their State Chapter Twitter accounts both based and blue-pilled, they they suck except for some Twitter acc

The State is like a Filthy Pair of Ninja Turtles Underoos
July 07, 2022

New co-host Sherry Voluntary and Jim Jesus explore the world of Georgia Guidestones (both Rest in Peace and Rest in Piss,) Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles games, Jim’s Batman costume, SCOTUS abortion rul

Intellivision on a Blockchain
February 24, 2022

Known Texan Jim Jesus and alleged Texan Mott “t3hsauce” Pritchard discuss all sorts of stuff about how lockdowns have ruined child development, how public schools harm more children per capita than th

Rittenhouse Rye
November 21, 2021

Odysee version here. Jim Jesus sits down with Mott a.k.a. t3hsauce a.k.a. Jim Jesus to talk about the Kyle Rittenhouse case and why it’s really an important case. Not just for Kyle but for everyone ev

The Gay Network
May 04, 2021

Odysee version: Relaunching The New and Improved Lolberts Podcast with Jim Jesus is Mott “t3hsauce” Pritchard. We talk about a great number of

“Negra, Please!”
March 16, 2020

Jeremy Hazmatter and Jim Jesus record from their secret CDC funded bunker to report on the outburst of delicious, delicious, Negra Modelo cerveza. We also talk about shortages of delicious, delicious,