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The Industry is Struggling…What’s Next? - Camp Code #109
June 07, 2022

This needs to be sustainable, for us, for our staff and for our organizations.Sometimes it feels like the challenges of being a camp professional are too impossible to overcome. You are not alone in feeling this way. Today, Gabz, Beth and IRubytalk about

9 Things You Must Do With Your First Year Staff - Camp Code #108
May 25, 2022

You probably have more new staff than ever, here’s how to set them (and yourself!) up for success!Training season is almost here. This summer, we want to be sure our new staff members are set up for success. Here are our top tips for doing just that.Make

Setting Guest Speakers Up for Success - Camp Code #107
May 10, 2022

You treat everyone in your camp community with intention and care…do you do the same with the guest speakers you bring to training?If you are utilizing guest speakers this year, you want to listen to this episode. As folks who have both hosted guest speak

Acknowledging White Privilege in Training - Camp Code #106
April 26, 2022

Our staff are ready for this conversation…are you?White privilege is real and it’s everywhere, even at summer camp. Join us today as we talk about what we can do about it. But first, here’s our disclaimer: We are looking at this through the lens of three

Mid-Season Inservice Training - Camp Code #105
April 12, 2022

One of the best ways to dedicate your team to continuous improvement!Believe it or not, staff training doesn’t end on the last day of your orientation. In fact, a great strategy to keep staff engaged, motivated, and excited throughout the summer–and fight

What to Do When Your Lose Your Dream Team - Camp Code #104
March 29, 2022

It’s one of those, not “if” but “when” types of situations…As camp directors, we’ve all had THAT summer where many of our senior staff and our reliable leaders have started their life beyond camp. When we lose our reliable staff, we have to reset and revi

Do This Now to Prepare for Staff Training - Camp Code #103
March 15, 2022

Prioritize to Stabilize - Let’s get ready for the summer!Up north here in Canada, our friends on the west coast are already enjoying fantastic outdoor spring weather and golf. In Ontario, we continue to be fooled that spring is here with warm weather foll

9 Things You Might Be Surprised You Need To Teach Staff - Camp Code #102
March 01, 2022

Chalk it up to the pandemic, but it’s time for some re-teaching.In this week’s episode Gabz, Beth and Ruby recognize that as we get closer to the summer camp season, camp directors are already planning out their summer. To help camp leaders, our pros are

Boundaries and Building Community Norms - Camp Code #101
February 15, 2022

More on boundaries - because we all need to hear it.Happy post-valentine’s day camp pros! In this episode (and as always) our hosts are here to spread their love and joy for camp. After celebrating 100 episodes, we are back to our regular programming. Thi

100 Episodes Later: What We've Learned So Far - Camp Code #100
February 01, 2022

100 Episodes!? Thanks for being along for the ride, friends!100 episodes into this journey, our camp pros have led us through over 60 hours of leadership gold. This episode is all about reflection. As much as our hosts have taught us all, they too have le