The Untitled Mixtape

The Untitled Mixtape

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S2 Ep47: Pink Floyd 20th Anniversary!
April 15, 2023

We are still doing the Discord thing while we plan and work things out so we apologize for the quality for the time being! Here's a quick look at one of the most iconic albums of all time!

S2 Ep44: Artist Spotlight: Jake Fonda
March 04, 2023

We sit down and talk to Rapper & Producer Jake Fonda about his most recent project, Heaven is a State of Mind, Inspirations, Cheesesteaks, and J-F12. Check it out. I'd also like to apologize for the static that loves to turn up on our episodes especia

S2 Ep43: Rambling and Talking about Nonsense
February 26, 2023

The boys do not have a topic, instead we just shoot the shit and talk about what comes to mind including more lists, Danny's choice in a dog name, and food.  Come Join Us!

S2 Ep42: Hit or Miss: Rolling Stone's Top 20 Hip-Hop Albums of All Time
February 20, 2023

Do we have ourselves a valid list from the all mighty Rolling Stone??? We check out the top 20 for Hip-Hop albums and see if there are some hits, listen in to watch all delve into madness by it. Shoutout to Lukrembo for the awesome Intro "Donut" make sur

S2 Ep41: B-Side: Alina Baraz
February 11, 2023

We dive into one of the most personal and talented singers in R&B and her entire discography... Alina Baraz! Let's learn about her and talk about her discography including EPs!! *Editor's Note* Alina Baraz is Russian-Ukranian, not one over the other,

S2 Ep40: Listening Room: Welcome to the Black Parade (MCR)
February 05, 2023

We sit down to talk about one of the most iconic albums of the Emo scene and the underlying story that comes with it!