The Comedians of Wrestling

The Comedians of Wrestling

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February 10, 2023

Dan dissects the max levels of respect in the Heyman/Cody segment. We meet Tullo's girlfriend, A-Natalie, who is clearly in a new relationship honeymoon wrestling tolerance zone. Shebs explains why Edge is the greatest heel ever!

The Tucci Test
February 06, 2023

Cody Rhodes, Rhea Ripley, Stanley Tucci...

January 30, 2023


Watch Dan Black on James Corden
December 02, 2022

Dan Black does stand up on The Late Late Show with James Corden tonight 12/1/22! Dan tells backstage stories of his experience and talks about telling pro wrestling jokes on broadcast television. Also, Dan and Tullo give their thoughts on War Games and MJ

Theory Cashes Out
November 17, 2022

Dan thinks the Theory cash in was a smart long term move for Theory and pushes Seth as the face of RAW. Tullo thinks the return of The Elite was lame. Dan loved Moxley's promo on Wed and Tullo is not feeling ROH Jericho.

Is Logan Paul Ucey Enough?
November 04, 2022

Dan and Tullo applaud the great 2022 Sami Zayn is having! Dan is loving how jacked up Austin Theory is getting. Tullo complains about every single segment ending the same way on Dynamite. And Dan tried to gauge Roman Reigns star power.

The Mustache Detour
October 25, 2022

Dan and Tullo argue about Seth Rollins outfit but agree that Sheamus rules! Tullo was not pleased with the return of Baron Corbin. Dan is into this Crown Jewel card and also loved House of the Dragon! Youtube: https://yo

Bray Wyatt is a f@&^% Superstar
October 13, 2022

Dan is so happy to see Bray Wyatt back in WWE! Dan explains why Bray makes other wrestlers look like wrestlers and speculates on the meaning of the mask. Tullo is loving all things Dom Mysterio and wants to add Ronda to the Bloodline! Bonus episode this

More Backstage Fights at AEW
October 07, 2022

Dan and Tullo are pumped for Extreme Rules PPV! Tullo wants less ROH segments on AEW TV! Dan wants CM Punk back in AEW! Watch Dan in the new movie Cursed Friends on Comedy Central Sat Oct 8th!

An Actual Extreme Rules PPV
October 02, 2022

Dan and Tullo are pumped for an Extreme Rules PPV with ALL extreme matches! Dan reminisces on the guilt he had about cashing in his Bar Mitzvah money to go on spring break in high school. Bonus Eps at