East Meets West – Podcast

East Meets West – Podcast

Latest Episodes

People Change And Don’t – EMW 417
February 05, 2023

Eating and other habits, finding your niche, evolution of creativity.

The Future is Immerssive – EMW 416
December 04, 2022

How did you find East Meets West? Going through probate. Saving money. Star Trek and Star Wars. Werewolves, vampires and zombies. Genre cycles.

Better Halves or Just Half and Half – EMW 415
October 01, 2022

Better halves, House of the Dragon vs. Rings of Power, the similarity between TV and burgers, TV is like books. (Jeann Robertson is who Roger mentioned)

Building Fences – EMW 414
August 21, 2022

Roger has a brand new fence! Cooling the Earth. Maybe moving forests? Fallen civilizations.

Travel – EMW 413
June 26, 2022

How to refresh thinking, critical viewing, video games vs. TV and movies, working with stress and anxiety, distance and information.

Are Things Crazy? – EMW 412
May 24, 2022

Are things crazy? Roger says no. Also Roger’s perspective on education and health.

News Diets – EMW 411
March 20, 2022

People who don’t watch the news, news diets, news points of view, curating your own news.

Disrupt Home Repair Please– EMW 410
January 16, 2022

Maintaining a house, car repair, DIY.

Keeping the Firewire Alive – EMW 409
November 28, 2021

Roger’s crush on Firewire, aging, dress codes, is the hoodie a staple now? department store electronics, books of the past.

Jobs! – EMW 408
November 02, 2021

Happy anniversary East Meets West, early jobs, Roger the world traveler, summer vacation, jobs.