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Episode 34 – Jonathan Mosen reviews and demonstrates the Audient Evo 16 audio interface
June 03, 2023

From the manufacturer: Make studio quality recordings with EVO 16’s next-level audio performance. Eight award winning EVO intelligent mic preamps that set their own levels with Smartgain, the all new, groundbreaking Motion UI control system, and enough I/

Episode 33 – Jonathan and Richard Mosen unbox and demonstrate the Zoom M2 MicTrak from a blindness perspective
May 21, 2023

The Zoom M2 MicTrak is a 199 USD microphone that records. Pop a Micro-SD card into the MicTrak, and without any bulky gadgets and cables, you've got stereo 32-bit float recording. The fact that you can record in any situation without the risk of distortio

Episode 32 – Take your audio to the next level with Auphonic
March 02, 2023

Auphonic develops intelligent audio algorithms using a combination of AI and signal processing to provide an automated audio post production web service — an audio autopilot for podcasts, broadcasts, radio, interviews, audiobooks, lecture recordings, and

Episode 31 – Neal Ewers reviews the Mackie EleMent Chromium USB Condenser Microphone with 2-Ch Mixer
February 04, 2023

From the manufacturer: The Mackie EleMent Chromium USB condenser microphone is a true home studio beast, with tonnes of I/O control for an array of different uses. With 4 selectable polar patterns and Makie's legendary Onyx Preamp circuitry, Chromium puts

Episode 30 – Gary O'Donoghue reviews the Zoom F3 portable field recorder
August 15, 2022

From the manufacturer: With 32-bit float recording, the F3 effortlessly captures "the quietest raindrops and the loudest explosions. Its small footprint allows for this recorder to be placed anywhere, as you capture and monitor up to 192 kHz of high-quali

Episode 29 – The Focusrite Vocaster Two from a blindness perspective
July 16, 2022

Jonathan Mosen demonstrates the Vocaster Two, one of two members of a new family of audio interfaces from Focusrite aimed at podcast creators, streamers, and anyone who works with voice. This comprehensive tutorial and demonstration covers use cases, unbo

Episode 28 – RODECaster Pro II walkthrough and accessibility_issues session
July 01, 2022

Since its release, Rode's RODECaster Pro has been a run-away success in the podcasting community. We covered the accessibility of the device in a previous episode. Now, Rode is back with the next generation in the series, the RODECaster Pro II. Rode says,

Episode 27 – Jonathan Mosen shows you how to dramatically speed up your podcast recording process using drop-ins with Reaper
February 03, 2022

If you have been on the planet long enough to have worked with analogue tape in a professional recording environment, you're probably familiar with the drop-in method Jonathan demonstrates in this episode. If you're not, you may find that using this metho

Episode 26 – David Edick reviews the CEntrance PortCaster and Mixerface
October 08, 2021

If you'd like a device with some of the functionality of the Zoom Podtrak P4 but with no menus to navigate and all physical switches, you may be interested in the PortCaster or its older sibling, the Mixerface. PortCaster is a mobile audio interface for P

Episode 25 – Blind Podcasters' Roundtable, Ferrite for iOS
July 04, 2021

William Pogor joins us on the Blind Podcasters’ Roundtable to discuss using Ferrite Recording Studio for iOS. Ferrite is a powerful multitrack recording suite, designed with some specific features for blind people using VoiceOver.   Have a tool or produc