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Inside Fgould podcast, Episode: Homes England MMC Research
May 19, 2021

This episode of Inside Fgould features Paul McGivern, Homes England MMC Lead, Dr Vijay Pawar, from the Department of Computer Science at University College London, Matt Harrison, Project Manger from Atkins and Terry Stocks, Commission Director for Faithfu

Manchester City Council, Our Town Hall
April 14, 2021

This episode we discuss the Our Town Hall project and why the future of cities, like Manchester, is inextricably linked to whether it is a great place to live and the opportunities it can provide.

Tipner West, Once in a Generation Opportunity
February 25, 2021

Welcome to Inside Fgould, a podcast where we provide you with insight into our culture, showcase our innovation and our people.  In this episode we explore the once in a generation masterplan development, Tipner West in Portsmouth. We are joined by Senio