Anthony's Animation Talk

Anthony's Animation Talk

Latest Episodes

11: Bob Clampett Retrospective Part One - The Porky Years
November 21, 2021

Here I, along with Manny Cruz, Eli Copperman and FoxInAFix take a look at the first part of Bob Clampett's career at Warners! 

10: Tex Avery At Warners
October 06, 2021

Here me and my friends take a look at ALL of Tex Avery's output in one hour long video!

9: Frank Tashlin At Warners!
October 02, 2021

Austin Kelly and I discuss the history of Frank Tashlin at Warner Brothers before he went on to be a film director famous for directing Jerry Lewis films among others

8: The First 250 Looney Tunes Part Four
August 17, 2021

The final part in the series discussing the first 250 Looney Tunes with the Hobo Gadget Band and Jerry Beck!

7: Chatting Simpsons!
July 21, 2021

Me and Manny Cruz are both Simpsons nuts and here we chat about what the Simpsons mean to us! 

6: The First 250 Looney Tunes Part Three
June 04, 2021

Here we discuss our thoughts onTex Avery and Frank Tashlin

5: Interview With Keith Scott
May 11, 2021

He is a voice actor and an animation historian! I chat with Keith about his career and what led him to investigate cartoon voices!

4: Going Against The Tide!
March 26, 2021

Join me, Thad Komorowski, Trevor Thompson and Austin Kelly as we discuss animated movies we hate that 'everyone else' loves and animated movies we love that 'everyone else' hates. 

3: The First 250 Looney Tunes Part Two
February 21, 2021

In this episode me and the Hobo Gadget Band along with Jerry Beck take a look at the Buddy series of shorts and Friz Freleng's first stint at Warners. 

1: The First 250 Looney Tunes Part One
December 22, 2020

Taking a look at Bosko and the early Merrie Melodies!