Re Parent Ropani

Re Parent Ropani

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All about the Root chakra
July 22, 2022

What the root Chakra is and how to unblock and maintain a balanced root chakra. ❤️ --- Support this podcast:

What spirituality means to me.
May 25, 2022

For me it’s a lifestyle, a way of living, truth, love and it’s also freedom. Enjoy my wisdom and gems

What is Reiki
May 19, 2022

Insight on what reiki is and my experience with reiki

Re Parent Ropani
May 14, 2022

Self discovery introduced --- Support this podcast:

Morning Self love guided meditation
May 13, 2022

Short morning guided self love meditation to help you get your day started ❤️ Enjoy

Five love languages to heal ❤️‍
May 08, 2022

What are the five love languages and how to know which one resonates with you so you can use to heal and love yourself ❤️ --- Support this podcast:

You are enough poetry
May 04, 2022

Affirmations for self love, You are enough. Yesterday, today, tomorrow and days to come --- Support this podcast:

How to heal
May 03, 2022

Steps in healing, my journey to healing and what tools helped me along the way. --- Support this podcast:

Rebirth Poetry
April 27, 2022

We all have to option to rebirth ourselves everyday. My poems are here to heal and help  grow. I hope it spreads peace, love and light. --- Support this podcast:

April 24, 2022

Self awareness. My wake up calls, patterns, behaviors. Meeting my ego and etc --- Support this podcast: