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I Was Right
February 18, 2022

Today on "Whatever's On My Mind," we have a short episode today. I discuss the Los Angeles Rams Super Bowl victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, as well as the Super Bowl Halftime Show. And, I take the time to relish in the fact that I was right. Not only

Your Mental Health Matters
February 11, 2022

Following a pair of suicides on my college campus in the past two weeks, I recorded this special episode to talk about mental health and what to do to go about addressing mental health issues. Everything said here is straight from the heart with no outlin

Flores v. NFL; Kim v. Kanye
February 11, 2022

Today on the "Whatever's On My Mind" podcast, I'm publishing on time this week. Yay! Anyway, today we will be discussing former Dolphins coach Brian Flores' lawsuit against the National Football League, what it's claiming, and why the NFL should get rid o

The Ghost of the Super Bowl Halftime Show Past
February 06, 2022

This week's episode was recorded on Friday, February 4, 2022, but not released until Sunday the 6th. My apologies for the tardiness.  Today on the "Whatever's On My Mind" podcast, we preview this year's Super Bowl LVI Halftime Show, featuring Dr. Dre

The NFL's Gotta Be Scripted
January 28, 2022

Today on the Whatever's On My Mind podcast, we discuss the crazy spectacle that was NFL Divisional Playoff weekend, preview the conference championship games, and talk about the current coaching carousel. Then, we discuss the Billboard music charts, inclu

COVID Ain't P But Gunna Is
January 21, 2022

Today on Whatever's On My Mind, we discuss my experience with COVID-19, as well as the rules that are being put back in place due to the spread of the Omicron variant. Also, we discuss the Biden Administration's first year in office, the NFL Playoffs, and

Introduction Episode
January 20, 2022

Hello! Welcome to the introductory episode of Whatever's On My Mind. Here I discuss what I plan to discuss in my very first episode Friday, as well as topics I'll mostly talk about in each episode of the show.