Lovely loveable wreaths

Lovely loveable wreaths

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February 02, 2021

My podcast season one is about Healing and one of the ways that I need to heal is from the many abortions I had so this is my story on abortions. The reason I needed healing is because it is hurtful to know that you took so many lives. I apologize and am

Reasons why we need healing
January 17, 2021

I have been living in A oppress state of mine since my childhood and COVID-19 2020 really made me realize who my oppressor was and why I was so my angry and hurt And I started to dig deep in praying and reading the Bible and God start to expose my oppress

First step to HEALING
January 09, 2021

Hello my name is Sherida and I’m starting a post cast on subjects that prevalent in my life at this moment. And healing is a big part of my life right now and I would like to help others to start the healing process. If you take tiny steps it will help an