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Terror on Every Side | Psalm 31
July 16, 2022

Unfortunately, we live in a world where it seems that terrors are multiplying. None of us want to be in a place of terror and yet we have all been there one way or another. Certainly, our family has b

Praying For And To The Dead | The Gospel Today
October 13, 2021

The Orthodox Church teaches that praying for your dead loved ones helps their soul make the 40 day journey from earth to heaven where along the way they will encounter many devils and 20 testings that

Counseling Women and Now vs Long-term Parenting
October 06, 2021

Today Christina joins me on the podcast to talk about her ministry of counseling both unbelieving and believing. Also we talk about the difference between parenting for the now and parenting for the l

How to Share The Gospel with LGBTQIA+ | The Gospel Today
September 29, 2021

As we think about sharing the gospel with LGBT people let us remember that they are people too. Every one of us is a sinner and every sinner needs Christ. The biggest need of every homosexual, is Chri

A Biblical Defense of Heterosexuality | The Gospel Today
September 22, 2021

As we look at the Bible it doesn’t take long to find out that the sexuality of mankind as a central part of creation. If we read through the account of the creation of Adam and Eve it seems that Moses

The Trans Gospel | The Gospel Today
September 17, 2021

When you look at transgenderism you will quickly find many similarities between the terminology they use and gospel terminology. In this episode of The Gospel Today I give talk about transgender vocab

Afghanistan and Coronavirus | The Gospel Today
September 01, 2021

In this episode of The Gospel Today I share with you some gospel perspectives on the US pullout from Afghanistan as well as on Coronavirus. Afghanistan action page at ABWE: https://www.abwe.org/pray

Look Up! John 17:1-5
August 30, 2021

Did you know that your body naturally follows the direction of your eyes? If you’re walking, running, riding a bike or driving a car, it’s important that you keep your eyes in front of you. If you don

Conversations With The Father
August 24, 2021

We just returned from two months in the US. Whenever we go back to the US I find that I have to adjust to the way of life there. I can’t always put my finger on it but life just feels different in a d

Why The Cross?
August 10, 2021

A crossless Christianity I’m thankful for the strength of many churches in the US but at the same time I realize that we live in a time of great challenge and opposition to the church. In these tim