The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

The Art of Catholic with Matthew Leonard

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112 Developing a Powerful Theology of Home with Carrie Gress
March 11, 2021

Matthew Leonard and Dr. Carrie Gress discuss the power and evangelistic necessity of a proper theology of home. This is a huge topic for both Catholic men and women. After all, we all live in homes!

111 Church Crisis and the Path Forward with Ralph Martin
February 18, 2021

It's a legitimate question. Is there a crisis in the Catholic faith? And if so, what exactly is it and where did it come from? Of course, there are a lot of facets to that question, some of them easie

110 Junkies Jail and Jesus - The Wildly Beautiful Conversion of John Edwards
January 05, 2021

There are conversion stories and then there are conversion stories. This is one you really want to hear. It’s the story of how a guy named John Edwards, co-founder of Virtual Catholic Conference, hit

094: Unlocking Catholic Secrets of the Dead Sea Scrolls
October 07, 2019

Featuring Dr. John Bergsma Discovered in 1946 by a guy throwing rocks into a cave, the Dead Sea Scrolls have been called "the greatest archeological find of the 20