The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

The Peter Schiff Show Podcast

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Markets Finally Call Powell’s Bluff – Ep 858
December 01, 2022

· The next leg down in the dollar and the next leg up in gold may be here. · High interest rates creating a glut of sellers and a lack of buyers in housing. · 2023 will be the year that the air finall

Deja Vu All Over Again… Again – Ep 857
November 26, 2022

· Dubai is a world leader in economic freedom. · Financial media will ignore gold stocks until they’ve tripled. · More fraud happens under regulation than without. Go to fo

The King of Crypto Had No Clothes – Ep 856
November 18, 2022

· More economic data confirms we’re in a recession. · Republicans gain control of the purse strings. · Sam Bankman-Fried’s FTX was a crypto Ponzi scheme. · If you’re still holding Bitcoin, you’re the

In the Eye of the Inflation Hurricane – Ep 855
November 16, 2022

· Investors being lulled into false sense of security. · More higher income shoppers turning to Walmart. · FTX dominos continue falling. · Donald Trump is running for president. Thanks Ladder. Go t

Voters and Investors Keep Getting It Wrong – Ep 854
November 11, 2022

· CPI data sends stocks and bonds soaring, while dollar tanks. · Moves of magnitude in gold suggest something significant is going on. · Junior mining stocks are in a stealth bull market. · Sweden is

The Gold Train Has Left the Station – Ep 853
November 07, 2022

· Commodities break out of their bear market corrections. · Tech stocks collapsing further. · Smart money is buying gold mining stocks. · Labor force participation rate has declined despite extra jobs

Powell Pulls the Hope Out From Under the Market – Ep 852
November 03, 2022

· Federal Reserve raises interest rates again as expected. · Markets spooked as Jerome Powell dropped bombshells in Fed meeting. · Biden administration gets fact checked and deletes tweet. · Weakness

For Now, Bad News Is Good Again – Ep 851
October 30, 2022

· Dow has best October in its history. · Rotation continues from growth to value stocks. · Market is priced for perfection with anything but perfect circumstances. · Inflation will never go back to 2%

Fed Folds With a Soft Pivot – Ep 850
October 26, 2022

· Interest rates are the Achilles’ heel of this bubble economy. · Shelter costs are going up, even if housing prices are going down. · Gold will be gaining value as the dollar loses value. Go to ht

Despite 14 Year Highs, Bond Yields Have a Long Way to Rise – Ep 849
October 20, 2022

· High inflation is here to stay. · Biden shifts the blame for high oil prices on to Putin. · Financial intervention and bailouts are simple politics. · The stock market is far away from the bottom. ·