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Compliance Perspectives

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Mike Lifshotz on Retaining Staff [Podcast]
July 06, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub When an employee announces a departure to another job, there is a temptation to think that it was for more money. That’s probably a mistake, says Mike Lifshotz (LinkedIn), founder

Regina Gurvich on Staying Motivated [Podcast]
June 29, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub Regina Gurvich, Chief Compliance & Risk Officer for Omni Opthalmic Management Consultants knows from first-hand experience that it’s not always easy for compliance officers to stay

Lauren Kornutick on ChatGPT Compliance Risks [Podcast]
June 27, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub ChatGPT is, like the movie title, seemingly everywhere, all the time, and all at once. Individuals and corporations have rushed to embrace it, sometimes with great results, other t

Matej Drascek on Urban Myths About Ethics [Podcast]
June 22, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub For the cynical, business ethics, itself, is a myth. For those of us in the profession, we know it is not. Still, that doesn’t mean that certain urban myths don’t arise. Matej Dra

Anitha Vittal on the Risks of AI in Healthcare [Podcast]
June 20, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub The excitement over Artificial Intelligence (AI) is often met with concerns about its negative potential. That’s especially true in healthcare where the potential gains are met by

Stephen Paskoff on Making Compliance Training Effective [Podcast]
June 15, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub Stephen Paskoff, the President and CEO of ELI, believes that we need to think about compliance training differently.  Instead of it being about communicating information, it needs

CJ Wolf on Adult Learning Theory [Podcast]
June 13, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub Our colleagues expect to be treated like adults, and that should include the compliance training we assign them. CJ Wolf, a professor at Brigham Young University-Idaho and founder

David Paschall and Stephanie Haywood on Contract Lifecycle Management [Podcast]
June 08, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub Contract lifecycle management has grown to be an increasingly critical issue for healthcare providers. Staffing issues, shrinking margins and changing regulatory requirements are a

Jay Cohen on the Delaware McDonald’s Decision [Podcast]
June 06, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub For years Caremark has set the standard for expectations for board members. The notable Delaware case made clear that boards should exercise reasonable care in overseeing an organi

Scott Garland on Giving Advice [Podcast]
June 01, 2023

By Adam Turteltaub You really should listen to this podcast. That’s my advice. If you do you’ll hear Scott Garland, Managing Director, Sanctions, Cyber, Fraud and Ethics Compliance & Monitoring at A