The Sprocket Podcast

The Sprocket Podcast

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E586 – Jenna & Sofie Talk Bike Shops
November 05, 2021

Jenna & Sofie join us to talk about their motivations and experiences working in bike shops in Portland, and a bit about what they like to get up to when not wrenching around. Mail Mr T sent us this p

E585 – Micah and The Air We Breathe
October 21, 2021

Micah Bishop from Neighbors for Clean Air joins us to talk about diesel pollution, environmental justice, and just transitions. Aaron and Joan are horrified to learn that our home, Multnomah County, h

E584 – Summer Adventures & Bike Travel Dreams
October 11, 2021

As we dig out our rain pants and bike lights, Aaron, Armando, Guthrie, and Joan gather outside in person on a drizzly night to chat about the best of summer and discuss future bike dreams and adventur

E583 – Jenna’s Glorious Bike Propaganda
October 04, 2021

Jenna Phillips is glamorizing the everyday bicycling life with her charming TikTok videos. Joan dubbed these romantic portrayals of running errands by bike “glorious bike propaganda,” and that’s what

E582 – Ramon Martinez Chats Bike Indy
September 28, 2021

Ramon Martinez joins us from the city of Independence, Oregon to let us know how he’s helping to turn this small Willamette Valley city into a big cycling destination. “Drop the Hammer” weekends offer