Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan

Disrupting Japan: Startups and Innovation in Japan

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What it really takes to get your product approved by NASA
April 03, 2023

Not many startups land their tech on the moon. Dymon has designed an autonomous lunar rover that will land near the lunar south pole later this year as part of NASA's Artemis program. Today, we sit

The lies, myths, and secrets of Japanese UI design
March 06, 2023

There is a lot of hate directed at Japanese UI design. To Western eyes, it's just too busy, too dense, too confusing, too outdated, and just plain wrong. And sometimes that's true, but usually there

One way to unlock Japan’s broken e-commerce
February 06, 2023

Sometimes it seems like Japan is almost invisible in global e-commerce. Despite a dynamic domestic e-commerce market and a long tradition of global exports, Japan just  doesn't seem that interested i

The forgotten mistake that killed Japan’s software industry
January 09, 2023

This is our 200th episode, so I wanted to do something special. Everyone loves to complain about the poor quality of Japanese software, but today I’m going to explain exactly what went wrong.  You'll

The Ultimate Guide to Raising Money in Japan [Updated]
January 06, 2023

Today I explain how to raise money as a new startup founder in Japan. I’m going to give you a clear and actionable plan so that: 1) You can decide which VCs you should approach 2) You can

How the police use proven AI to predict future crime
December 05, 2022

Police departments around the world are using this startup's AI to predict future crime. Mami Kajita, founder of Singular Perturbations, explains the success of their models, the public reaction to t

Why medical AI is taking off in SE Asia
November 07, 2022

Today's episode is about trust; trust in technology and trust in each other. Very few startups experience what LPixel went through and far fewer survive it. Today we welcome Yuki Shimahara, founder

The secret of humble food from expensive tech
October 10, 2022

The way we get our food is changing.  Many are discussing how to make modern farming more sustainable, but this startup working to end it entirely.  Ikuo Hiraishi is a serial entrepreneur and the Ja

The surprising things AI wants to know about your health
September 12, 2022

We need to get the health care revolution right. Artificial Intelligence promises to reduce bottlenecks, improve quality of care, and allow our over-stretched healthcare systems to scale to met the n

The $290 billion e-commerce trend you’ve never heard of
August 15, 2022

World-changing trends can start anywhere in the world today.  Because the social media platforms evolved differently in Northeast Asia, e-commerce developed differently as well. And because of recent