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Podcasts Archive | Dr. Pompa & Cellular Healing TV

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411: The Truth about SIBO
August 05, 2022

I'm excited to chat with returning guest and friend to the show - renowned cardiologist Dr. William Davis. You might already know him from his #1 NY Times bestselling Wheat Belly series of books and

410: Natural Fertility Solutions
July 29, 2022

Today we welcome Holistic OBGYN, Dr. Nathan Riley. Dr. Riley stepped out of the conventional model to help women achieve lasting vitality through holistic means and getting to the root cause of their

409: Staying Young with Ketamine and Stem Cell Therapy
July 22, 2022

Joy Kong, M.D. is a UCLA-trained, triple board-certified physician (American Board of Psychiatry & Neurology, American Board of Addiction Medicine, American Board of Anti-Aging & Regenerative Medicine

408: The Benefits of Short Term Keto
May 13, 2022

Tara Garrison is here to dive into the ketogenic diet and explain why she doesn't promote keto long term, why she promotes diet variation, how keto impacts neurotransmitters, why carbs don't "make you

407: Benefits of Natural Killer Cells
May 06, 2022

Today I welcome back friend to the show, Dr. Rafael Gonzales. He's here to talk about regenerative medicine and using exosomes and natural killer cells to turn on cell communication.

406: The Right Way to Test for Toxins in Your Home: Mold, Water, EMFs, and Hidden Gasses – And What You Can Do About It
March 11, 2022

Today welcomes Ryan Blaser -- an Environmental Toxicology Expert, Building Biology Consultant, and Electromagnetic Engineer. Ryan has been Creating Healthy Environments for over 25 years. And he is he

405: GMOs: A Critical Time to Address This Threat to Humanity
February 25, 2022

Today we welcome the world's leading expert on GMOs - Jeffery Smith. Named "Person of the Year" by Masters of Health Magazine, Jeffrey Smith wrote the world’s bestselling book on GMOs, directed 5 do

404: Silicone Support
January 07, 2022

Today welcomes back friend to the show, and our favorite expert in all things Breast Implant Illness, Dr. Kayte Susse. Dr. Kayte is here to share info about how to support your body in the presence o

403: Tapping into the Power of the Female Cycle
December 31, 2021

Today we welcome Kim Bilyk - who is a Women's Empowerment & Sexual Health Coach, Yoga Therapist, and Reiki Master and is here to talk about Menstrual health.

402: All About Methylene Blue
December 24, 2021

One of my most requested topics this year! Today we are talking all about Methylene Blue. I'm welcoming expert Dr. Yoshi Rahm, who will cover IV Methylene Blue, as well as other applied therapies -