Dr. Mike Mayer Psychologist & Motivational Speaker

Dr. Mike Mayer Psychologist & Motivational Speaker

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When Life Presents Challenges, What Do We Do?
January 06, 2022

From health to emotions so interactions with others we deal with challenges all the time. How we deal with them is significant. We have the ability to bring about change and you have to believe that

Are We Making a Difference in the World?
December 09, 2021

What can you do to make a difference in someone's life? Do you want to make a difference for someone? Can you help them learn something that helps them live a better life, or can you help them with

Can a Person Love Someone Too Much?
November 18, 2021

No matter how we define love, loving someone unconditionally is very important but may seem impossible? We must also protect ourselves from someone who might hurt us. Can we love ourselves too much?

What is Your Story?
October 28, 2021

Does your story change? Where do your stories come from, lessons learned, interactions with others, outside influential events? If we are asked to tell our story, what would we say, what would we fo

How do we get along if we don’t believe and the same thing?
October 07, 2021

Can we be flexible and open-minded when we look for answers? Can we try to understand, not agree, with an opposing viewpoint? Is it necessary for everyone to agree? Can we think differently and not

Suggestions on Things to be Grateful for Each Day
September 16, 2021

Consider the things you are grateful for, those we take for granted, and those we don't; a home, an education, a job, access to food, natural resources, freedom, and much more. Listen now to find out

Why Change Anything in Our Lives?
August 26, 2021

Is self-evaluation a good thing and who sets the standards on how we judge ourselves? What is an acceptable standard to live by? What questions do we need to ask ourselves and do we take time to th

Changing Habits Could Help Make our Lives Better for Us and for Those Around Us
August 05, 2021

Some habits we may need to change require some introspection. While it is important to take care of ourselves first so we can help others, we should be aware of how our beliefs and actions affect othe

Remembering Ways to Help Us Manage Our Stress
July 15, 2021

Ready to practice some stress release measures? Consider these methods... identity what is causing you stress, ask for help, have a plan b in mind, practice relaxation techniques. Listen now to learn

Mistakes: How Do We Benefit From Them?
June 24, 2021

Can we accept the mistakes we make? Ask yourself what did you do to contribute to the failure, how it affects others? This can help us grow. We will make mistakes even in our areas of expertise. Th