Podcast – Women in Leadership

Podcast – Women in Leadership

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Marah Curtin It's Your Money So Let It Grow
June 14, 2023

Marah Curtin Director of Client Engagement and founder of femolutionist talks about women and investing in this podcast with Angie Mezzetti. The biggest investing mistake that women make isn't over t

Sara Phelan SC Practical, Paperless and Pro Diversity
March 16, 2023

Sara Phelan Chair Bar of Ireland says Equitable briefing really means equality across the profession of barristers. She talks about the new Equitable Briefing Policy of the Bar of Ireland in this podc

Get Into Honest Communication – Sabrina Shaheen Cronin
March 03, 2023

Wise Counsel Sabrina Shaheen Cronin Sabrina Shaheen Cronin is not your typical lawyer. She is also a musician and actress who takes the job title of counselor very seriously and literally. "I always

Women in a Post Covid World from Women In Media Ballybunion Part 2
May 20, 2022

Women in the post Covid World. What has changed in the workplace, in the home and in the wardrobe? Discussion from Women In Media Ballybunion 2022

Women In Media Conference podcast 3Hs that matter to 4 women
May 20, 2022

Three Hs that matter to women. The first of two podcasts from Kilcooley's Country House Hotel Ballybunion the home of Joan O'Connor's Women In Media Conference.

Women In Media discussing Hair and ageing, HRT and What We got Hooked on on during COVID!
May 20, 2022

Three Hs and Women - Hair power and ageing and what hair says about us, the HRT shortage and hormones in the workplace and what we got Hooked on during Covid. On this podcast join four wise women with a diverse mix of views, laughs and wisdom.The first i

Susan Hunt Stevens on Leading Sustainably
April 26, 2022

Susan Hunt Stevens - Leading Sustainably Susan Hunt Stevens is CEO of WeSpire a technology company that runs employee engagement campaigns using proven behavioural science techniques. Younger employee

Caitriona Gleeson – Getting Women Elected
April 11, 2022

Catriona Gleeson CEO of Women For Election says men or women don't have to be up in Dublin for the sake of it.  "There's actually an opportunity to represent your community nationally, but remaining w

Dr Catherine Day Citizens Hungry for Change on Gender Equality
March 08, 2022

The Citizens' Assembly is strongly calling for change, and not just change at the margins, but big changes in our system to make it more gender equal. Catherine Day Chair of The Citizens' Assembly on

Seonadh Johnson Three Pots Philosophy
February 03, 2022

There is also a fear of wealth destruction by taking risk. Investing for long term takes a bit of thinking about Seonadh Johnson believes. "The temptation is often to leave the excess liquidity in cas