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On-Demand Webinar: Beyond Email and SharePoint – Strategies for Increasing Employee Communication & Engagement
July 13, 2023

Most agree there is a direct relationship between a team’s ability to easily communicate and its effectiveness. As such, it’s no surprise that health systems are looking to move beyond traditional too

Q&A with SUNY Downstate CIO Dennis Sutterfield: "It All Starts with the Vision and the Message."
July 13, 2023

There’s been a lot of focus recently on the myriad challenges facing rural healthcare organizations – and for good reason. However, on the other side of the spectrum, urban health facilities also face

Q&A With University of Miami Health System CIO David Reis, PhD
July 11, 2023

Having been a CISO in the past, David Reis is definitely a security-minded CIO. But that doesn’t mean he protects the University of Miami Health System with a my-way-or-the highway mentality. In fact,

Q&A with CIO Pamela McNutt: “Deliberate Growth,” Being Financially Focused & Looking for ‘Gotchas’
July 05, 2023

Since Pamela McNutt first became CIO at Methodist Health System back in 1993, the role itself, along with the industry, has undergone a significant transformation. “When I got here, IT was doing basic

Strategies for Leveraging Managed Services to Augment Your Cybersecurity Team
June 27, 2023

With cyber-talent coming at a premium that many health systems struggle to pay, CIOs and CISOs are looking for the right partnerships to unload some of the blocking and tackling that comes with runnin

Q&A with Houston Methodist’s Michelle Stansbury: “It’s All About the Problem You’re Trying to Solve.”
June 21, 2023

At Houston Methodist, innovation isn’t a novel concept or a trend; it’s part of the fabric of the 8-hospital organization, according to Michelle Stansbury. As such, she and her colleagues have learned

Code Dark: Finding Force Multipliers in Hospital Cybersecurity
June 15, 2023

With the increasing volume, sophistication, and intensity of cyber-attacks, hospitals need a paradigm shift to keep from being overwhelmed. Information security teams are constantly being asked to mas

Q&A with WVU Medicine CISO Hunter Barbour
June 12, 2023

If you don’t want to keep learning, heading up IT security for a health system is probably not for you. At least that’s one obvious takeaway from speaking to WVU Medicine CISO Hunter Barbour, who list

Q&A with UPMC’s Chris Carmody: Healthcare’s “Target,” Cloud-based Analytics & Changing Care Pathways
June 08, 2023

As the role of the Chief Technology Officer becomes increasingly strategic, the skillset needed to succeed has evolved significantly. But the most important aspect of the position has nothing to do wi

Q&A with UC San Diego Health CISO Scott Currie & Medical Director of Cybersecurity Christian Dameff
June 06, 2023

As a practicing ER physician, Christian Dameff, medical director of cybersecurity at UC San Diego Health, is one of the first in the nation to bridge the clinical world and cybersecurity, thus bringin