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Episode 172 – Watership Down
December 01, 2021

Watership Down (Rosen, 1978) is, without a doubt, one of the pivotal cinematic experiences in my life. It captivated me at a very young age with its danger and darkness. It also taught me a number of

Episode 171 – Seven Samurai
November 21, 2021

Seven Samurai (Kurosawa, 1954) is truly a foundational film, not just of Japanese cinema, but of world cinema. Because it is has become a touchstone for so many tropes and devices that we recognize to

Episode 170 – The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2021
October 31, 2021

It’s that most wonderful time of the year again! In this episode, The Magic Jack O’Lantern 2021, we once again bring you our list of viewing tricks and treats to celebrate the season. We watched one H

Episode 169 – Let Sleeping Corpses Lie
October 18, 2021

The Cole-o-ween festivities roll on here at Lantern HQ! This time around we are discussing one of our favorite underappreciated zombie classics, Let Sleeping Corpses Lie (Grau, 1974). This one has it

Episode 168 – The Invisible Man
October 04, 2021

Is there anything you find impossible to watch? Or how about just very difficult? For me, The Invisible Man (Whannell, 2020) is that film. I do have some personal history that makes what Cecelia is go

Episode 167 – Gray’s Anatomy
September 19, 2021

Gray’s Anatomy (Soderbergh, 1996) is the last proper cinematic monologue we have from Spalding Gray. That’s a little ironic. Here, he navigates neuroses, a serious eye injury, and what he terms the Be

Episode 166 – Harlan County, USA
September 06, 2021

Harlan County, USA (Kopple, 1976) is still a gut punch some fifty years later. Watching the violent and bloody events unfold as miners strike to be recognized for their union organization, for better

Episode 165 – Shadow of a Doubt
August 23, 2021

Shadow of a Doubt (Hitchcock, 1943) was a turning point in the career of the master of suspense. It was reportedly Alfred Hitchcock’s favorite film he ever made. It is also what I consider to be his f

Episode 164 – Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid
August 08, 2021

Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (Hill, 1969) is a delight to watch time and again, a true piece of entertainment that seems to hit all the right notes. Surprisingly, the film was not an immediate h

Episode 163 – The Last Picture Show
July 26, 2021

The Last Picture Show (Bogdanovich, 1971) will break your heart in a million different ways, all of them Texan. As an expatriate from a town very much like this, it hits me where I live. I’ve seen tho