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World Harvest Outreach

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Know the Truth, Be Free
July 09, 2023

You don't really know something until Jesus is on the scene. Lift Jesus up. Get His perspective. Lifting up Jesus brings revelation and assurance, a true, compelling knowledge that the great I Am indwells us and contains us. Our heart knows Him and is cha

Explore! / Jesus, Revealed in Children (Part 2)
July 02, 2023

Don't be afraid to dive deep, to fully explore the heart and mind of God. - Ed OwensThe culture of Jesus is a place where a child can lead. - Jocelyn Pence

The Measure of Your Intention
June 18, 2023

The more powerful a person is is directly intentional to how intentional they are.

Gifts That Reflect The Father
June 11, 2023

Our gifts are a reflection of Jesus, sourced from heaven. We face the Father and allow Him to reflect Himself through us.

The Footprints of the Father
June 04, 2023

All around us are problems, opportunities, and responsibilities that are calling for the nature and character of the Father in us. You exist for problems, for opportunity, for responsibility!If I only take on the small problems, opportunities, and respons

A Culture of Repentance
May 28, 2023

A culture of repentance consists of an ongoing revelation (and perpetual forward motion) toward the goodness of Jesus. He is better than we dreamed!

The Spirit Manifests For Our Common Good
May 21, 2023

Jesus is the gift-giver. He has given Himself to us, poured Himself out upon us. By His Spirit, each of us is given a manifestation of the Spirit for the common good, to benefit not just himself--but all. As we pursue the Lord and ask for His Spirit to be

A Fresh Take on Five-Fold Ministry
May 14, 2023

Maturity is the goal of every child of God.

From Disappointment to Maturity
May 07, 2023

When our hearts are open, we let people in, and we let ourselves out. We aren't afraid to show people who we really are. This is evidence of a healthy relationship with God the Father, because we are living at a level of genuine peace about who He made us

The Nets Will Not Tear
April 30, 2023

The Lord's ability is in your court, as to what you will allow Him to do. What conditions have you placed on His activity in Your life?