Supercoach Co-Captains Podcast

Supercoach Co-Captains Podcast

Latest Episodes

Episode 77 - Gonna Need A Mon-Taj (NSFW)
July 11, 2023

Patto's "Trade Curse" continues and he reveals why. Daneo fights a dodgy internet connection. It's all happening in this weeks podcast - including your usual VC and C options for Round 18.

Episode 76 - The Game Was Caldwell (NSFW)
July 03, 2023

As people start to run low on trades but battle the carnage, Patto and Daneo provide some advice and their usual VC and C options for Round 17.

Episode 75 - Bye Bye, Byes! (NSFW)
June 28, 2023

Thank the lord that the byes are over. Now, we are all left hanging in their like Chris Judd's shoulder tape. But, the boys have you covered, giving you unique trade in options as well as the usual VC and C options for round 16.

Episode 74 - Keays to the Aston Martin (NSFW)
June 20, 2023

In this episode, Patto has some news for everyone, Daneo goes through 'Waiting in the Wings', the boys discuss some left field trade in options and provide the usual VC and C options for Round 15 - the carnage bye round!

Episode 73 - Caleb Daniel's Doughnuts (NSFW)
June 14, 2023

Let the bye round carnage begin. The round 14 bye is upon us, so Patto and Daneo give their 2 cents on who to bring in and VC/C options in another rapid fire bye round podcast.

Episode 72 - Big Briggs (NSFW)
June 06, 2023

Quick fire episode this week - the boys look at trade in options and the usual VC/C options to get you through the round 13 bye and beyond.

Episode 71 - Bevo's Mid Season Draught (NSFW)
June 01, 2023

The mid season draft happened and with it comes some new rookies. Patto and Daneo dissect who could potentially come in, along with other trade in options as well as the usual VC and C option for the first bye round.

Episode 70 - Gonna Churn The Butters (NSFW)
May 24, 2023

Patto has a spicy cough, but he soldiers on with Daneo to provide some trade in options, Dane goes into the 'waiting in the wings' segment, with the boys doing the usual VC and C options for round 11.

Episode 69 - Coxzilla 69 Baby! (NSFW)
May 17, 2023

The boys achieved the greatest milestone in Supercoach podcast history with epsiode 69. To mark the momentous occasion, listeners submitted their own voice recordings to Patto and Daneo. The boys deep dive into rookies, players waiting in the wings, premo

Episode 68 - Preach To The Parish (NSFW)
May 10, 2023

Daneo is getting overly excited about one trade in option this week, so much so he's done his once a season stamp of approval. The usual content of rookies to look at, waiting in the wings and VC/C options are also discussed heading into round 9.