All Things Wise and Wonderful (an animal welfare podcast)

All Things Wise and Wonderful (an animal welfare podcast)

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Don't turn on the mixer!!
September 30, 2021

Seperation Anxiety and the changing behaviours of our pets in lockdown. Hen and Jody explore some of the causes, effects and solutions that lockdown and the return to work and going out has had on our dogs and cats.

May 21, 2021

With 3 million puppies being bought in the UK in 2020 and pets in general on the increase, are people making the right choices when it comes to choosing a pet for them and their family?In this episode Hen & Jody discuss the things to consider when trying

Someone's Got Your Goat!
April 14, 2021

This episode is all about horse racing. We are joined by equine vet Dr Douglas McRobbie to discuss all the issues associated with horse racing and try to look at the bigger picture around horse welfare and keeping horses.

Vegetarian Horses!!
March 31, 2021

This episode, Hen & Jody talk to special guest, Master Groomer, Actor and dancer STUART SIMONS, all about his passion for animals, the dog grooming world and the welfare of dogs, the misconceptions of 'creative grooming' and his hopes and vision for the

March 17, 2021

The first episode introducing the 2 hosts and looking at some of the topics that will be discussed. Hen and Jody discuss their careers in animal welfare and talk about their own pet history as well as discussing the difficulties of pet ownership and losin