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4 Steps to Increase Self-Awareness
May 09, 2023

My Website: www.deeplysimple.infoSelf-awareness IS mental health4 Steps. Practical. Simple. Efficient. TestedIn this episode I share 4 practical things that can help us get to know ourselves a little better. With this increased awareness we can make healt

Mental wellness with 3 habits
May 03, 2023

#wellness #wellbeing #habits #health #gratitude #elevate #mentalhealth #mentalwellnesscheck out other resources at @DeeplySimple | Linktree

Why you need to start JOURNALING today
June 16, 2022

#wellness #wellbeing #journaling #journal #selfcarecheck out other resources at @DeeplySimple | Linktree

What to look for in a therapist
May 03, 2022

Therapy is hard. Finding a therapist who is a good fit sounds even harderI share four key values or traits exhibited by good therapists that can serve as a framework for what to look for!check out other resources at @DeeplySimple | Linktree

How to work out consistently
April 27, 2022

Two practical concepts that helped me move from NO workout practice to a consistent lifestylecheck out other resources at @DeeplySimple | LinktreeTwo habit forming podcasts that I recommend7 Ways to Break Bad Habits & Let Go of Things That No Longer S

Quality of time - elevate every day
March 07, 2022 mindset shift to elevate the way we live daily

Critical skill for healthy relationships
February 27, 2022

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Practical Self-Care That Worked for Me
February 04, 2022

Link to resources - you feel like you need to start or re-start self-care but it seems daunting or a big task, listen to this short episode. I went through a similar journey and found my way back through four practical ste

Suicide and self-harm - A conversation with Parul Kathuria (MSW)
July 18, 2021

Trigger warning:The podcast dives into sucide and self-harm with some personal stories. Please consult your mental health practitioner before watching if these topics might be triggering for youResources:

Start your mornings right
June 09, 2021

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