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The green future is tree houses and balloon busses (with Mitchell Joachim of Terreform ONE)
March 04, 2022

From balloon hover busses to ethical cricket farms, architect Mitchell Joachim and his colleagues at Terreform ONE are dreaming up the sustainable concepts of the not-too-distant future. He discusses the practice of "speculative urbanism" and so

Yes, you can get jazzed about green power
September 15, 2021

Biden is pushing for massive green power integration, but our own authors say markets and technology have a lot of catching up to do. Yet famous physicist and energy expert Amory Lovins says the green power revolution is further along than you might think

How to sell doomsday
July 07, 2021

Climate science is good; climate marketing is lousy. Comms expert David Fenton explains how the movement needs a clear, consistent message and robust ad campaigns to drive it home. After the interview, Jared takes to the streets of Alabama to get the view

Climate policy has a women problem (with Bianca Pitt)
May 28, 2021

Women will likely be few and far between in the upcoming COP26 conference, and men dominate the climate discussion in general. Bianca Pitt from She Changes Climate argues that more women voices are crucial to stopping climate change. Also: The U.S. could

How did Norway get so green? (With Kristian Bye of Innovation Norway)
April 09, 2021

With more EVs per capita than any other country, Norway is the world's sustainability superstar. Kristian Bye of development bank Innovation Norway explains his country's secret and how Norway has become a "testination" for the latest

The Swedish secret to sustainable leadership (with Henrik Henriksson and Elaine Weidman Grunewald)
March 18, 2021

You want your company to be more sustainable, but where to start?  And how can a giant like BlackRock build a sustainable foundation? Henrik Henriksson, CEO of Scania and Elaine Weidman Grunewald, Co-founder of the AI Sustainability Center, talk about a s

The most important climate event since Paris (with WRI's Helen Mountford)
February 26, 2021

The 26th U.N. Climate Change Conference — a.k.a. COP26 — is coming up, and it's a big deal. Countries have the chance to renegotiate and revise their commitments five years after the Paris Agreement. Helen Mountford, vice president of climate and eco

America's power grids are no match for climate change
February 04, 2021

America's power grids are outdated and dominated by monopolistic private utilities. We could see more blackouts — and huge economic damage — as the weather gets hotter and storms get worse, argues our reporter Milo McBride. Also: Paris falls short of

Peter McKillop discusses the "climate economy"
July 28, 2020

It's our pilot episode, and an introduction is in order. Climate & Capital Media founder Peter McKillop explains who we are, what drives us, and the "new climate economy"—a $26 trillion business landscape that could help save our planet