The Community Pioneers Podcast

The Community Pioneers Podcast

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Ann Porter
March 20, 2023

Ann Porter of Fuel for Innovation has spent most of her working life making change happen. Innovation has been a constant theme. In this podcast, Ann talks through her journey from factory floor to her current interest which centres on the earnings and we

Joyce Reid
December 13, 2022

Everyone seems to know something about Dundee. It's full of art, design, games and those award winning tourist attractions. But as our guest, Joyce Reid of Transition Dundee, says - there's a whole other side of sustainability going on too. Joyc

The Power of the Eigg Story - Yesterday and Today
November 03, 2022

This is a very special Community Pioneers Podcast  entitled " The Power of the Eigg Story, Yesterday and Today' . Moderated by Calum MacDonald with Camille Dressler of Comunn Eachdraidh Eige (Eigg history Society) handling the Q&A ; this eve

Debz Chapman
June 20, 2022

I met Debz at an open art event in Dundee We started to chat about art, working with people in creative settings and puppets. Our 5 minute chat convinced me there was a story to tell and here is the evidence.Debz has had a long journey through personal ex

Kevin Crawford
May 06, 2022

Kevin’s story starts literally with him flat on his back. And how Kevin came to set up the Big Disability Group is an inspiring journey. From his own experience of disability, Kevin has set about building a group which provides a service to a wide range o

Sandy Greene
May 02, 2022

Sandy Greene is a  founder and MD of ScrapAntics. ScrapAntics is a creative recycling social justice enterprise who run Dundee's only ScrapStore. We had a great conversation in which Sandy talked a whole series of topics; from an unique early journey

Charlie Sherry
April 01, 2022

Charlie Sherry is the founder of Inclusive Images, a social enterprise set up to help individuals and challenged groups tell their story using photographs. Charlie came to photography later in life and was inspired by an iconic photo. From a start with a

Amanda Eletheriades-Sherry
February 04, 2022

Amanda Eletheriades-Sherry is the founder and editor of the  Clydesider magazine. As you will see, if you visit their website,  this West Dunbartonshire community is a hive of activity.Amanda tells of her journey from journalist to community activist with

Greg Cuthbert
December 15, 2021

Greg Cuthbert is a passionate advocate for his village. Newcastleton is one of those places in the Borders which faces all the challenges of being rural. They include poor communications, a declining population and the feeling of being "a land locked

Kate Davies
December 13, 2021

If you ever wondered what it was like to open an independent bookshop, Kate Davies of Adventure into Books of Blairgowrie has a tale to tell. She explains the unlikely roles of tea towels, algorithms for 8 year olds and good neighbours all play in being a