Lawyer Life Experiment

Lawyer Life Experiment

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#28 Book Talk: "Four Thousand Weeks" and "The Art of Possibility"
June 09, 2023

We are trying something new this week! We love thought-provoking books and often share book recommendations with clients. In this episode, we each reflect on one book which we've found inspiring on our journeys as lawyers and coaches. 0m50s - we disc

#27 The power of pets in stress management
May 19, 2023

It is Mental Health Awareness month. Join us as we dive into the science-backed benefits of spending time with a pet, from reducing anxiety and depression to helping you balance your energy for a more sustainable career. Frieda's dogs even take part

#26 The Joys of Conflict
March 31, 2023

In this episode, Frieda and Anya explore the often-overlooked benefits of conflict. While most people view conflict as something negative to be avoided, we argue (no pun intended!) that conflict can be a powerful tool for positive change and improving rel

#25 Connected vs Contactable. Musings on the power of choice.
January 27, 2023

In this episode, we explore the concept of choice in the legal profession. Lawyers are so aware of the legal rights, but how do we navigate the limits of our own autonomy, are lawyers truly in control of their own daily actions or are they following the r

#24 Reflections: Look Back to Move Forward
December 15, 2022

Join Anya and I for the final episode of 2022 as we reflect on the good, the bad and the ugly of 2022! Reflecting doesn’t come naturally to a lot of people. Often, we just sweep the past under the rug and move on forwards without a second thought. However

#23 Fighting for a Cause
November 07, 2022

With COP27 underway, we are reflecting on how climate change (and other world issues for this matter) affect lawyers personally. We have multiple elements in our life that want balance. Giving back affects us deeply. What we do might feel in dissonance wi

#22 Mental health stories
October 06, 2022

If you've had enough of mental health training, this episode is for you! We have heard so much about mental health in the wake of Covid, we became immune to the word.In this episode, Frieda and Anya share personal stories to give you an insight into

#21 Retaining talent following The Great Resignation
September 01, 2022

Many people in the legal world changed jobs or quit their careers altogether during the COVID-19 pandemic. In this episode, we explore the reasons WHY people are choosing to shake up their livelihoods and investigate new opportunities and different ways o

#20 When lawyers meet failure
July 21, 2022

What beliefs do you hold about yourself around mistakes? Have you ever failed and what impact has it had on you? Join us as we talk about the psychology of failure and the impact of self-talk. Learn about association-disassociation from failure. And try t

#19 Effective communication
June 17, 2022

Join us as we talk about effective communication. What it is, how to understand the impact your communication style has in your personal and professional life and how to improve your communication skills.If you would like to work on your impact further, p