The Theta State Podcast

The Theta State Podcast

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#17 Onion Dilemma
April 19, 2023

Dustin reflects on his heritage and notions of identity through dreams and beyond, and unravels the meaning of tricky decisions in an unexpected turn of dream events @__duuster__

#16 The Egg of Life
December 18, 2022

Andre takes us through his callings to sacred sites, a peculiar fight to protect our connections to source, and shares powerful insights on self-awareness @dedezinhooooo*book mentioned: The Unseen Universe by Daniel Weiss Miller 

#15 Trip to the Gods Planet
December 12, 2022

Casey discovers a surprising landscape after following a highly advanced being to their planet,  shares a story about following dreams' warnings, and discusses psychedelics and their therapeutic potential@kc.keess  / 

#14 A Colorful Prison
May 08, 2022

Gijs has a rare condition called narcolepsy, which disturbs his sleep pattern. This enables him to lucid dream on a regular basis. In addition to his dreams explorations, we touch upon consciousness expansion through his psycheledic experiences. @godzilla

#13 Asking the Right Question
April 13, 2022

An insightful and eventful journey with Cherry, as she ventures through the fake paradise, experiences a shadow dog and undergoes an outter-body experience, which sheds light on how our dreams can help us ask the right question@kameroonie 

#12 Lost and Found
April 25, 2021

In the first part of this episode, Samantha investigates the dreams that reveal her connection to her father's heritage. In the second part, she touches upon the blurry distinction between awake and asleep through ambiguous sleep paralysis and astral

#11 In-between Worlds
April 12, 2021

Sabrina shares her exposure to the twilight zone through her experience of the theta state during a reiki healing, a glimpse of life and death's in-between after the loss of someone close, and her uncle's connection to the non material worldLink

#10 Dimension and Timeline Hopping
March 26, 2021

The psychedelic world and the dream world have much in common. In this conversation with the artist Fabio aka Fabz Pi, we explore the connections between these realms and discuss further topics such as infinite timelines and hidden knowledge.Check out Fab

#9 The Architectural Maze
March 18, 2021

An insight into Houda's dreams through her muslim and moroccan backgrounds, leading to a conversation about the place of dreams in Islam and a reflexion bridging ritual and religious rites

#8 Blue Moon Babies
January 25, 2021

My mom's special relation with dreams is one of the source of my fascination for this realm. Find out why in this conversation which begins with the prediction of me and my siblings' birth.