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Never Give Up: Finally A Lightbulb
February 16, 2022

To being called stupid at school, to being fired from their first 2 jobs, to inventing the lightbulb and being called America’s greatest inventor. Can you guess who this individual was? #NeverGiveUp 

Never Give Up: You Are Not Innovative Enough
February 02, 2022

This pioneer of the American animation industry is remembered for saying “A kick in the teeth may be the best thing in the world for you.” Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveUp 

Never Give Up: Silicon Valley Coffee Shop Success
January 19, 2022

An NYU dropout to a freelance code writer to the co-founder of a social networking website, was this individual’s job secret journey. Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveUp 

Never Give Up: Rags To Riches
January 05, 2022

A journey from being divorced and poor to being the uber-successful author of the most celebrated fantasy novels of all time. This individual typed their first novel on an old manual typewriter. Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveUp 

Never Give Up: Rock n Roll Man
December 29, 2021

A business graduate, a porter, a band player and a rock-and-roll singer. Can you guess who this multi-faceted personality is? #NeverGiveUp 

Never Give Up: Secretary I Think Not
December 15, 2021

This individual was asked to be a secretary and ended up being an iconic sex symbol. This individual is quotedsaying, “Fear is stupid, so are regrets”.Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveUp

Never Give Up: Keep Them Coming Back For More
December 08, 2021

Despite an abusive childhood and a rough early life, this successful actor/director/writer became one of the highest paid men in 2011. Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveUp 

Never Give Up: OH To NYC
November 24, 2021

Coming from a poor family, this star enrolled in theatre and ballet on a scholarship and finally made it to the Broadway in NYC. Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveU

Never Give Up: Singing In A Bar at Age 8
November 17, 2021

A famous singer had a very hard time growing up – who started performing at age 8 and cared for her younger siblings after her parents died. Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveUp 

Never Give Up: Learning From Missing The Shot
November 03, 2021

A world-famous basketball player was actually cut from his high school basketball team! Can you guess who it is? #NeverGiveUp